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GoToMeeting INTEGRATION ORIENTATION -- If you missed the live orientation session yesterday, click the link in the featured items box on the bottom left of the home page or go to Faculty Support > Workshops & Videos.
Effective July 1st, AGS will be adopting a new policy eliminating the institutional attendance requirement. This means that although individual instructors or schools may establish their own attendance policy, attendance taking is not mandatory for all courses. However, we will be retaining the "use it or lose it" policy of first week mandatory student participation. If a student does not attend/participate Week 1, he or she will be dropped from the course. Participation will now be defined as the completion of the course participation survey in Blackboard for online courses and physical presence for evening courses. For online courses, please use the Retention Center to determine whether each student has completed the survey.


GoToMeeting Integration

GoToMeeting is now available for integration into your Blackboard course environment. If you missed the live Orientation session, click the GoToMeeting logo above to view the archived recording. You may also go to Faculty Support > Workshops & Videos.


Faculty Rank & Promotion

AGS Adjunct are eligible for faculty ranks, promotions, and a variety of credentials related to the field of Christian higher education teaching. Visit this section to read about the various badges and to apply for promotion.


4C Quality Faculty Model

Explore the 4C Quality Faculty Model, the new framework we have developed around the four core qualities of a high quality faculty member: Competence, Caring, Commitment, and Connection.