Welcome to Connect:ED, the site for AGS Adjunct Faculty for Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Here you will find recent or archived articles from issues of the Connect:ED newsletter as well as resources related to your role as an AGS adjunct faculty member.


Shadow Health Training

All online MSN instructors who teach Advanced Health Assessment need to complete the Shadow Health online faculty training. Please go to http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2397734/Asynchronous-Faculty-Training-Spring-2016 to complete this training as soon as possible.

New Electronic ALP Score Sheet

Dear MSN Faculty, I am so excited to introduce our new ALP score sheet electronically. Please submit this form upon completion of your class that included an ALP. This is important for our CCNE accreditation. https://lfforms.okwu.edu/Forms/ALP-Score Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Becky

Faculty Rank & Promotion

AGS Adjunct are eligible for faculty ranks, promotions, and a variety of credentials related to the field of Christian higher education teaching. Visit this section to read about the various badges and to apply for promotion.

Integrated Learning Model

A learning model that helps students and faculty alike synthesize and integrate learning from three domains: Academic/Scholarly, Practical/Experiential, and Ethical/Spiritual.

4C Quality Faculty Model

Explore the 4C Quality Faculty Model, the new framework we have developed around the four core qualities of a high quality faculty member: Competence, Caring, Commitment, and Connection.