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Email and Webaccess Update

The URL used to access OKWU email has changed. The new URL is https://login.microsoftonline.com.

To access Webaccess you may need to clear the cookies on your web browser, click here to find out how. If that does not work, the direct URL for Webaccess is https://webaccess.okwu.edu/selfservice/Home.aspx.

If you are having problems accessing your email or Webaccess please contact the IT Department at support@okwu.edu.

Tools for Reporting Course Participation

Effective July 1st, AGS has adopted a new attendance policy. All faculty (online and on-ground) are required to post attendance for every student for the first week of the course only. Immediately following the conclusion of the first session (Monday of second week for online courses), each instructor should log in to WebAccess and mark each student as either ‘Present’ or ‘Never Attended’ for the first session of class.


    Zeteo logoEver at a Loss for Giving Feedback on Substandard Work? Seek Thankfulness. Have you ever had a submission that you just didn’t know what to do with it? I mean, you want to give effective feedback, you want to be point out what was good, needed addressing, etc., but the student so missed the point […]

  • Totidem Verbis – In These Words, Thankful!

    Totidem VerbisHow wonderful and how timely in the busyness of our lives that we have set aside a time for thanksgiving. Close to the top of my list of those for whom I am thankful are you, our adjunct faculty. Thank you for your investment in the lives of our students. Thank you for your commitment […]

  • Q&A with Reid Thomas

    reid-thomas-headshotWhat do you do here at OKWU? Mainly I teach online in the Adult and Graduate Studies program as well as in the CROSS Training program, but I also mentor new online instructors and write curriculum. What do you like most about teaching at OKWU? Being able to help students think deeply as Christians about […]


Faculty Rank & Promotion

AGS Adjunct are eligible for faculty ranks, promotions, and a variety of credentials related to the field of Christian higher education teaching. Visit this section to read about the various badges and to apply for promotion.

Integrated Learning Model

A learning model that helps students and faculty alike synthesize and integrate learning from three domains: Academic/Scholarly, Practical/Experiential, and Biblical/Spiritual.


4C Quality Faculty Model

Explore the 4C Quality Faculty Model, the new framework we have developed around the four core qualities of a high quality faculty member: Competence, Caring, Commitment, and Connection.