Monthly Archives: February 2016

If the Horse Is Dead, Dismount

If the Horse is Dead, Dismount Years ago (back in the Dark Ages) when I was a young pastor, I would attend many of the leadership conferences offered by Willow Creek Community Church. Willow Creek was one of the early pioneers in the megachurch movement. At one of the conferences (I don’t remember exactly which one) I […]

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Q & A with Christian Ramsey

What do you do here at OKWU? I am the Director of Curriculum Development and an Adjunct Professor of Ministry and Christian Thought. Through teaching and training people and through evaluation and development of courses and materials, I help students and faculty to develop an even richer Biblical worldview. Basically, I serve as a catalyst […]

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Green Thumbs Are Not Hereditary

Higher Purpose in Higher Education – Green Thumbs Are Not Hereditary When I first joined OKWU staff 9 years ago, I wondered about the designation cohort for the groups of students in AGS programs. I did not understand the term, but soon learned that it was a common model in education. As I considered it, […]

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