Monthly Archives: April 2016

5 Quick Tips for Helpful Feedback & Recommendations

We all want to give useful recommendations and feedback to our students. Have you ever had a student repeat the same issues you are addressing in their work? I’ve been there. It may be that the students simply cannot grasp the material or the changes you are suggesting. On the other hand, it may be […]

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Q&A with Danielle Appeldorn

What do you do here OKWU? I am the Coordinator for Advisement and Tulsa Daily Operations. My job includes being the Lead Advisor for the advisement team. I also track and assign rooms for current and new cohorts. My Advisement assignment is mainly Online Nursing, but I have advised for every program we offer. What […]

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Campus Unrest: The Collision Point

Campus Unrest: The Collision Point B. F. Skinner and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn­­ – no two figures in the 20th century more vividly demonstrate the collision of the spiritual and the physical in the modern era. Some of the current “unraveling” on university campuses can trace its roots back to the collision of these two powerful ideas […]

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