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Q&A with Juanita Carlile

What do you do here OKWU? I am adjunct faculty for Nursing. What do you like most about teaching at OKWU? I love the Christian atmosphere. It is wonderful knowing that everyone we work with are people of faith. How did you end up here? A friend, Teresa Frazier, told me that Dr. Gaddis needed […]

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A Love Ethic for OKWU Professors

A Love Ethic for OKWU Professors Sammy Davis Jr.  For those of you who may be among our younger faculty, Sammy Davis was a very popular African American actor, singer, dancer, stand-up comedian, and part of the famous Rat Pack in the 1950s-1970s. Those were not only important years for Hollywood but also for the […]

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Brightspace Groups

Brightspace Groups In Brightspace, the Groups tool can be used to create assignments and discussion forums that can only be accessed by group members. You can also restrict course content to certain groups. Note: If you are teaching an online class, groups, assignments, and forums will be preset, but you may need to modify group […]

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