4CQ Personal Teaching Profile Guide

The PTP is a tool we have created to help faculty create their own action plan out of the 4CQ Model. This allows the 4CQ Model to be tailored to the unique context, strengths, and personality of individual faculty members.

For each of the 12 characteristics, you identify 3-5 significant, substantial, measurable, and personal action items that you will undertake in your teaching. This should not be an exhaustive list of everything you might possibly do. The goal is to push you to set some meaningful and important goals for yourself as a Quality Faculty member. These goals should be things that you and your faculty mentor and, later, your faculty evaluator can measure and observe.

The PTP is also meant to be a dynamic document that you will periodically update as you gain experience, learn new approaches, or try different things in different classes. Your Profile will serve as a roadmap and a reference point for helping you engage all 12 aspects of the model in some meaningful way.

Download the Personal Teaching Profile template (MS Word)  Download 

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Download Guide to the 12 4CQM Characteristics (PDF)  Download  

Dr. Easley, Dean of Online Education, explains how to use the Personal Teaching Profile.