Attendance & Participation Policy

Attendance, Absence and Class Participation

As an academic institution, Oklahoma Wesleyan University places the highest priority on learning. Class participation – whether online or in an evening class – is an essential component of undergraduate and graduate learning. To ensure that the educational experience of all students is robust and constructive, students are expected to actively participate in classes. This includes engaging in class discussions and activities. Thus, although attendance is not tracked, active participation is a part of academic grading for all AGS courses. Students who do not participate in class sessions should be aware of the academic or grading consequences. If a student’s schedule hinders participation, the student is responsible for contacting his/her academic advisor for schedule changes. Students who are receiving financial aid should be aware of possible implications for their aid packages resulting from changes in registration or enrollment hours. Students are advised to consult the financial aid office and their advisor before failing to participate in a course, dropping a course, or withdrawing from a course once it has started.

Class Sessions

Evening program – A class session in the evening program is the designated time in which the course physically meets on campus. In the AGS evening program, class sessions normally occur once each week for 4 hours.

Online program – A class session in the online program is defined as a calendar week beginning on Monday, 12:01 am (Central Time) and concluding seven (7) consecutive days later on Sunday, 11:59 pm (CT).

The “Use It or Lose It” policy

Attendance and participation are expected in all class sessions. Students enrolled but not participating in the first session of an AGS course are identified and processed out of the course (after the first week of the course) in a way that provides full tuition reversal and no failing grades. They will be administratively dropped from the course with no record. Non-attendance/non-participation in subsequent weeks will result in a letter grade for the course based on all academic work including participation as defined by the course syllabus.

  • Faculty will identify non-attending (non-participating) students for the first class session (first on-ground class session or first week of online course) and will report those students to the Office of Adult and Graduate Studies.
  • The Registrar will drop the student from the class per information received from the Office of Adult and Graduate Studies.
  • Students dropped in the first week of class will receive a full tuition reversal for that course. Students should contact the Financial Aid department to see if the drop will affect their aid for the term. Changes in Aid may affect the student’s account and create a balance.
  • The Registrar will notify students through their OKWU email that their enrollment in the course has been removed.

Students who will not be able to participate for the first class session of an evening course must contact their instructor and academic advisor prior to the first class session to express their intent to take the course and request that they not be dropped from the course. Students will be graded according to the syllabus on all assignments, including class participation or discussion.

Defining Attendance – Evening courses

  • For on-ground students, participation is defined as being physically present for class.

Defining Attendance – Online courses

  • For online courses, participation is defined as completing the Course Participation survey by Sunday midnight of Week 1 of the class.
  • If an online student has not completed the Course Participation survey by Sunday midnight of Week 1, the student will be dropped from the course regardless of other work posted.
  • Please note that logging into an online class through Blackboard does not constitute as being in attendance.
  • Students MUST complete the Course Participation Survey to remain enrolled in the course.

Dropping a Course

Students may drop a course prior to the start of the second class session only. Prior to the beginning of the term, students may drop a course by logging into Web Access and submitting a drop request to the advisor for approval. After the term has started, students must contact their academic advisor in order to request a course be dropped.

Dropping a course during the first week of the course allows for the credit of tuition charges and no grade is entered for the course.

Withdrawal Policy

Students may voluntarily withdraw from a course after the start of the second session of a course through the start of the last two sessions of the course. A ‘W’ grade will be recorded on the transcript as attempted but not earned; GPA is not affected. No withdrawal is permitted in the last two weeks of any AGS course.

(Withdrawals are subject to fees and tuition as outlined in the Adult and Graduate Studies Student Accounts Information section.)

An AGS student who consecutively receives any two of the following:

Administrative Drop, Voluntary Withdrawal (W), Incomplete (I), and/or Failing (F) grade, will be Administratively Withdrawn from the program.

To be reinstated in a program, a student who has been administratively withdrawn from a program must apply for readmission to OKWU. Upon readmission, the student must work with an academic advisor to register for courses according to policy.

Military Active Duty

In the event of deployment, active duty military personnel may request to be withdrawn from a course and/or program up to 30 days post deployment date with no penalties and may re-enter their program at any time without penalty.

Faculty Responsibilities

On Monday of Week 2, each instructor should log in to WebAccess and post a course attendance report. Each student should be marked as either ‘Present’ or ‘Never Attended’ for the first session of class.

  • This should be done under the Overall Section Attendance block in WebAccess.
  • Do NOT mark attendance using the Daily Attendance section.

Faculty teaching Online Courses

  • Remind students via announcements of the requirement to complete the Course Participation Survey before Sunday midnight.
  • Monitor the Full Grade Center to see who has not yet submitted the survey. Students who have completed the survey will have a green checkmark in the Course Verification Survey column.
  • By Thursday morning, notify the Advising office,, of any student who has not yet submitted the survey.