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Did you know that with Blackboard you can grade papers directly within your web browser, without needing to download them to your computer? Inline grading in Blackboard lets you do this, speeding up your grading workflow. With inline grading you can do more than view papers, you can also annotate, draw, highlight, and leave comments, all from your web browser. Students can then view their graded papers and all annotations in their web browsers as well.

Blackboard uses Crocodoc for inline grading, and it works with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer without requiring any plugins or external software. It works with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files. No student data is sent to Crocodoc.

To start inline grading, open your course and click on Grade Center > Needs Grading. This page will show you all assignments that have been submitted by your students that are ready for you to grade. To begin grading you can either click Grade All to go through the list of all assignments, or click on a students name in the User Attempt column to grade just one assignment. Either option will take you to the Grade Assignment page, where you can begin your inline grading.

This is the Grade Assignment page, where you will be doing all of your inline grading in Blackboard:

The Grade Assignment page

The Grade Assignment page

  1. Assignment Instructions – Click this to show the instructions that were given to students for this assignment.
  2. Comment Toolbar – Click Comment to show this toolbar. From here you can annotate, add comments, highlight, and draw on student papers.
  3. Comment – Click an existing comment to edit, reply to, or delete it.
  4. Grade – Click this box to grade the assignment attempt.
  5. Feedback – Type in this box to give feedback to the student. You can attach files as well.
  6. Grading Notes – Text entered here is not shown to the student. You might use this to keep track of student progress throughout a course.
  7. Download – You can download a copy of the assignment.

When you have finished grading an assignment click Submit to save the grade and move on to the next submission.

For more information on inline grading please see the Grade Assignments page on Blackboard Help.

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