Brightspace Groups

Brightspace Groups

In Brightspace, the Groups tool can be used to create assignments and discussion forums that can only be accessed by group members. You can also restrict course content to certain groups.

Note: If you are teaching an online class, groups, assignments, and forums will be preset, but you may need to modify group enrollment to ensure there are an even number of students in each group.

The Groups tool is accessed by clicking on More Tools > Groups. Rather than recreate the wheel explaining how to set up groups, here are links to the Brightspace Video Tutorials covering groups:

Creating Groups

Group Enrollment Options –

Modify Group Enrollment –

Groups & Discussion Tools –

These videos, and more covering all sorts of Brightspace topics, can always be accessed within Brightspace by clicking Help > Video Tutorials at the top-right corner of Brightspace.

Restricting content to specific groups

Content is restricted to specific groups by utilizing release conditions. Release Conditions is an option found on the Restrictions tab in the properties of nearly every item in Brightspace, which you can access by clicking the arrow next to an item’s title, then Edit Properties (the wording may change a bit depending on what you’re trying to edit and from what page you’re accessing it, but it always begins with “Edit…”).

To create a new release condition for a group, look for Release Conditions on the Properties page and click the Create button nearby. Select “Group Enrollment” as the condition type, then choose which group needs access to the item you are working with, then Create. If you have already created a release condition for a group, you can instead choose Browse (or Attach Existing, depending on the item) to see a list of conditions available.

Group assignments

Group assignments must be created when you’re initially creating the assignment, existing assignments can’t be changed to a group assignment. From the Assignments page, click New Submission Folder and change the Folder Type option to “Group submission folder”, then choose the group category you want to add to the assignment. You can continue to set up the assignment as usual.

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