Checking Attendance in Brightspace

Welcome to our first installment of Bright Ideas for Brightspace! This new column will feature tips and tricks for Brightspace, the new LMS OKWU is moving to. To get us started, lets look at how the Course Verification Survey works in Brightspace.

The OKWU Online Attendance Policy remains the same with our move to Brightspace: “Participation is defined as completing the Course Participation survey by Sunday midnight of Week 1 of the class.” In Brightspace, the Course Verification Survey is the first content item in Week 1 of your class. A change from Blackboard is that all assignments in Week 1, and all content in subsequent weeks, are restricted until students complete the survey; this change will eliminate instances where students have completed assignments but not the survey, and are then defined as absent from Week 1.

Checking that students have completed the survey is easy in Brightspace. In your course, navigate to Content>Week 1 and click on the Course Verification Survey.

Course Verification Survey

Course Verification Survey

Once in the survey, click on Completion Summary. On this page you will see a list of all students and whether or not they have completed the survey.

Click on the Completion Summary to make sure students have taken the survey.

Completion Summary

Once students have completed the survey, remember to mark them as “Present” in WebAccess. If a student has not completed the survey by Thursday of Week 1, please notify the Advising office at

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