Faculty Online Learning Training Materials

FOLT, or Faculty Online Learning Training, is the 4-week orientation course designed to introduce you to key concepts of instruction, preparation, and execution of an online course at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.  You will be introduced to and explore the “4C Quality Faculty Model,” and 12 corresponding characteristics that contribute to creating an optimal learning environment for faculty and students. By the end of the training, you will have produced a Philosophy of Teaching and a draft of their Personal Teaching Profile (PTP), setting forth goals and practices you will use for teaching online at OKWU.

The Goals of FOLT are to help prospective online faculty:

  • Explore the 4C Quality Faculty Model that is at the heart of faculty training, development, and evaluation.
  • Demonstrate competence, caring, connection, and commitment in the online classroom and OKWU community as outlined in the 4C Model
  • Explore the Pillars, mission, and vision of OKWU
  • Learn how to integrate a biblical worldview into academic discussions
  • Review the specific policies of the OKWU Online program
  • Learn how to manage a course using the Brightspace Learning Management System.
  • Learn the key andragogical principles of teaching adult online learners;
  • Understand the kind of participation required to be a successful online instructor;
  • Learn to use OKWU rubrics and other assessment tools for grading student learning;
  • Prepare a Personal Teaching Profile and Teaching Philosophy paper as the first step in preparing to teach your first class;
  • Evaluate your participation in light of the Faculty Expectations for online instruction.

FOLT Materials

The following resources are used in the Faculty training course:

Core Expectations for Faculty  4CQ Model   4CQ Characteristics Guide   Online Grading & Discussion Guide  Integrated Learning Model 

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