Faculty Rank & Promotion

AGS adjuncts qualify to participate in the Adjunct Faculty Rank & Promotion program. The basic outline of the program is shown below.

FAQS  Requirements  Apply here  Badge Descriptions



  • 3 ranks: Adjunct, Senior Adjunct, Master Adjunct
  • Must be applied for
  • Ranking based on time, courses taught, annual evaluations, recommendations, and Professional Faculty Development
  • Pay bonus & preferential scheduling
  • Guaranteed assignment (subject to enrollment)
  • Requires approval of Provost


  • Faculty rank credential expires in 3 years
  • Maintain through satisfactory annual evaluations
  • Earn 3 PDF badges during that 3-year period



  • Collection of activities related to role as adjunct faculty
  • Digital badging system used to track. 1 badge per event or activity
  • 6 badges required for promotion to next rank
  • Some specific badges required, others are personal choice
  • Can be from AGS or any other organization that provides relevant, valid training opportunities: 8th Floor, MOOC certificates, Online Learning Consortium, professional certifications
  • Tracked and maintained by faculty member individually