Frequently Asked Questions by Faculty

Effective for courses starting after July 1, 2015, there is an increase of $5/session in adjunct pay (weekly amounts).

Also please note the following changes in pay related to class size/number enrolled in a class (also effective July 1, 2015):

Level Non-Terminal Degree Terminal Degree
Adjunct $205 $220
Senior $220 $230
Master $230 $245
Grad level courses:
$230 $255
Undergrad Grad
1 student $300 $450
2 students $600 $900
3 students $900 1350
4 & > 4 full pay full pay


> 20 students $50/student $100/student

Good news, the hard work is already done for you! All OKWU courses are automatically added to Blackboard, along with student enrollments. However, courses are unavailable by defaults, so students cannot access them.

Online Courses

If you are teaching an online course your course content will be loaded and your course made available by the OKWU online team. All you need to do is personalize your course and start teaching.

On-ground Courses

Faculty are responsible for uploading their own course content, and making their course available, when using Blackboard in an on-ground course.

Availability controls student access to your Blackboard course. When a course is unavailable students will not be able to access it and it will not appear on their course list. By default all courses in Blackboard are not available for students. To check if your course is available open it and look at the breadcrumb navigation, it will begin with “(Course is unavailable to students)” if it is unavailable:


This course is unavailable: students will not see it in their course list or be able to access it.

To make your course available find the Course Management area of your course sidebar, then click Customization > Properties. On the Properties page scroll down to the Set Availability section. Check the box Yes next to Make Course Available. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page to save your changes.


Click Yes to make your course available.

Click here for more information on course availability. 

A Content Area is simply a page in your Blackboard course where you can add content, such as a file, assignment dropbox, or other information using the Action Bar. You can have as many Content Areas in your course as you need.

To add a Content Area:

  1. Open your course and ensure that Edit Mode is On.
  2. Click the + button at the top of the course sidebar.
    Content Area 1
  3. Click Content Area.
    Content Area 2
  4. Give your content area a Name, and check the box for Available to Users if you want students to be able to see it. You can always change these options later.
    Content Area 3
  5. Your new Content Area now appears as a link on the sidebar.
  6. You can open the content area and begin adding content.
    Content Area 5

Click here for more information on creating course content.

  1. Open the course you want to make a copy of. On the Control Panel open Packages and Utilities, then click Course Copy.
  2. On the Course Copy page enter the Destination Course ID for the course you are copying into. You can click Browse to open a list of all courses you are able to copy to.coursecopy2
  3. Now, choose what parts of the course you want to copy. Most of the time Select All will be what you want, but often Announcements and Discussion Boards are specific to each class so you will not want to copy those. Uncheck the box next to Announcements, and for Discussion Board choose the option Include only the forums, with no starter posts.
  4. Leave the File Attachments settings as default.
  5. Click Submit. Your course will be copied and you will be sent an email when it is completed. This should only take a few minutes.
  6. Cleanup: There are a few areas of the course you may want to fix after the copy is complete. Existing course content is not overridden in the copy, but duplicated. You can hide or delete any extra content. The Grade Center may have extra Weighted Total or Total columns that will need to be deleted. Finally, although discussion board posts were not copied following the instructions above, any existing Group Discussion Board posts will be copied. You can navigate to each group’s Discussion Board and delete any posts that were included.

Click here for more information on course copy.

If you don’t see the Retention Center on your Course Management menu follow these steps to turn it on.

  1. On your Course Management menu click on Customization > Tool Availability:
  2. Scroll down the list of tools until you see Retention Center. Check the box in the first column, then scroll to the top or bottom and click Submit.
  3. You will now see the Retention Center in your Course Management menu under Evaluation.

Click here for more information on using the Retention Center.

  1. Open the Full Grade Center from the Course Management menu.
  2. Scroll through the Grade Center until you see the Course Verification Survey column, it will usually be the last one. Students who have completed the survey will display a green checkmark.survey4