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Commencement is a significant accomplishment in the lives of our students, one which we look forward to celebrating with them. If at all possible, please join us for this milestone occasion. During the ceremony, they look for you, their professors, who helped them in the journey. Here is the info for spring commencement ceremonies:

Friday, May 12th, 1:00 pm, School of Nursing Commencement and Pinning

Saturday, May 13th, 2:30 pm, AGS Commencement and Hooding (except nursing).

Please let Trish know if you plan on attending either of these events.


Communication from the university – this newsletter, adjunct opportunities, initial contract to teach a course, finalized contract, announcements – is sent to your OKWU email. We cannot overemphasize this practice. Information you need as an AGS adjunct, whether evening or online, will come to your OKWU email. We will graciously wait 48 hours if an answer is needed, such as a request to teach a course, and then move on. Over the next few months we will clean up our mailing lists to include OKWU emails only.

Digital Contract Process

We are thrilled to be issuing digital contracts solely for courses you teach. The following are the steps you can expect when assigned to teach an AGS course:

  1. Initial agreement sent to teach the course from to your OKWU email; info included regarding course, dates, pay scale, and Stacey to contact for material (
  2. Read the email.
  3. View attached contract.
  4. Follow link to open the form where you will accept/approve the initial work agreement.
  5. Note you will need the 4-digit instance ID and your OKWU ID, both included in the email.
  6. Once you enter these two numbers, the agreement auto-fills.
  7. Type your full legal name, sign, and click the green “I agree” button at the bottom.
  8. The form comes electronically to us; you can print or download for your personal records.
  9. After the first week of each course, a final work agreement will be sent, again to OKWU email. Repeat Steps 4-10 above. The final agreement reflects accurate final pay for teaching the course.

Questions or concerns, please let us know.


It is absolutely imperative that attendance be entered during session 1 or immediately after. If you have any student who did not attend first week or communicate with you intent to take the course or for online, fill out the survey, please mark Never-Attended in Web Access, and let us know immediately (

Posting Grades

Just a reminder that administration and students expect grades to be posted within 7 days after the end of the course.


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