Mentoring is a crucial part of OKWU’s strategy to develop a strong, effective adjunct faculty. There are two types of mentoring that are or will be provided for AGS adjuncts: teaching and personal support.

Teaching Mentors

badge-mentorTeaching Mentors work alongside of new adjuncts during their first two courses for OKWU once the faculty candidate has completed FOLT. Teaching Mentors are good instructors themselves and have been specifically trained in helping other faculty learn the ropes and develop the core skills for effective teaching.

Credentialing is required to serve as a Teaching Mentor. Training and certification TBD.

Access the Teaching Mentor Resource Center 


Collegium Mentors

badge-collegiamentorIn conceptual stage. We envision each adjunct faculty member belonging to a small group of 10-12 other faculty in a professional collegium. Each collegium would be led by a Collegium Mentor, who is typically going to be a highly experienced and older faculty member with shepherding and pastoral care-type gifts. The purpose of the collegia is top provide long-term personal support, encouragement, connection, and collaboration for our adjuncts as we continue to grow. One of the most challenging aspects of serving as an effective adjunct faculty member, especially in an online mode, is feeling connected to the institution. The Collegia is our solution.

Collegia Mentors have a great deal of wisdom, soft people skills, encouragement and listening skills, experience in the classroom, a strong commitment to the university and the AGS mission, and the time to invest each month. Mentors connect with their collegia faculty through regular phone calls, emails, Skype meetings, and prayer support. The CM also serves as a direct liaison between the faculty member and the AGS administration helping ensure that communication is taking place both directions.

Credentialing is required to serve as a Collegium Mentor. Training and certification TBD.