Q & A with Christian Ramsey

Christian Ramsey

What do you do here at OKWU?

I am the Director of Curriculum Development and an Adjunct Professor of Ministry and Christian Thought. Through teaching and training people and through evaluation and development of courses and materials, I help students and faculty to develop an even richer Biblical worldview. Basically, I serve as a catalyst striving for greater connection between God, faculty, and students for greater impact in the world.

What do you like most about working/teaching at OKWU?

I appreciate the ethos. There is a genuine hope in the air. I see it in the people, in the processes, and in the mission. At OKWU, it seems the mission and principles are not just on paper but in the life of the university. Here, we play to win. And it’s seems so possible, it’s almost expected. At OKWU we believe in people while still wanting and working for them to be even better.

How did you end up here?

I heard about OWKU during my seminary years, looked through the website, and developed a heart for the school and its mission immediately. Since then, I have longed to settle in here as soon as I could. Grateful for Dr. Easley’s call regarding teaching as an adjunct, it has grown into my current position as well. So, I guess I didn’t “end up” here as much as I finally made it! 🙂

Where did you originally call home?

Though Hawaii was the first place to feel like home, I grew up in the very small towns of Cottonwood Falls and Strong City, Kansas.

Where did you go to school and what did you study there?

I have a Bachelor’s in education at Emporia State University, and a Master’s in Theology at Wesley Biblical Seminary.

What is your family like?

My wife and I are mostly homebodies and enjoy the simple things. We almost always have a regular small group meeting in our home. Our most recent has around 20 people from 8 different churches with ages 15-50s. We are quality time people. People typically stay for 4-6 hours Bible study night. And, we have had the “Ramsey refugee Thanksgiving” for years that is open to those we know having nowhere else to go.

What hobbies, activities, or topics do you most like spending time on?

Being a quality time person, just hanging out having great conversations is refreshing for me. I also enjoy writing and learning. “Deeper” topics concerning God and the Christian life are my favorite. Though not practicing regularly, I enjoy martial arts, and I enjoyed flying when I had the opportunity.

What is one interesting fact that many people might not know about you?

In the early 90s,I beat world-record pool player “Fast Eddie” Parker in a game of pool –yes, after my arm was paralyzed 😉

What is the most interesting country you have visited or would like to visit? Why?

I have been to China twice serving in various capacities and would love to return. I have had a heart for China since I was very young. I don’t really know how it started. Interestingly, being in China with brothers and sisters had the same hope and inspiration I sense at OKWU. There is much I like about China, the honor, diligence, and hospitality of the people, as well as the architecture, language and art.

If you could go back and meet any one famous historical figure, who would you pick and why?

Besides Jesus? Maybe Charles Darwin. With the scientific knowledge we know now and the apologetic responses that have been honed in relative areas, a strong biblical witness may not only have helped him draw closer to God but helped him see the holes in his theory and answer those things about it that bothered him. Though another person may have given rise to the theory later, maybe his negative effects throughout history would be averted.

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