Q&A with Sean Stedwell

What do you do here OKWU?

Sean Stedwell

Sean Stedwell

I primarily work with faculty for online course development and Blackboard support. Because my office is at the Bartlesville campus I also help traditional students and faculty with Blackboard, they can stop by my office and get the support they need. I also antagonize my little sister; she’s a junior studying Secondary Education on campus.

What do you like most about working at OKWU?

I like working here because my wife also works here; it’s pretty great getting to see her throughout the day! I also like the environment here, everyone is friendly and genuinely cares for you.

How did you end up here?

I first came here as an undergrad student in 2006. I grew up in the Wesleyan church, my parents came here in the 80s, and I had always planned on coming to OKWU. After graduating with a communication arts degree I stuck around working in the IT Department and continued going to classes, eventually earning my MBA. I moved to the Online Department about two and a half years ago when they were looking for an Instructional Designer.

Where did you originally call home?

Phoenix, AZ. The Valley of the Sun!

Where did you go to school and what did you study there?

OKWU, Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts and Master of Business Administration.

What is your family like?

Right now it’s just my wife and me, but we’re close with both of our parents and siblings and like to spend time with them, even though they pretty much live all over the country. My sister lives on campus but spends a lot of time at my house.

What hobbies, activities, or topics do you most like spending time on?

I like working on cars and motorcycles, I’m currently restoring a 1982 Kawasaki GPZ1100 for my dad. I also enjoy target shooting, reading, watching movies and playing too many video games, Star Wars.

What is one interesting fact that many people might not know about you?

In high school I was president of the Robotics Club, we built a battlebot and a solar powered boat for competitions with other high schools in the Phoenix metro area.

What is the most interesting country you have visited or would like to visit? Why?

I went to Hong Kong for a class and I loved it! It’s a hotbed of international business, I got a tailor-made suit, and it’s just an amazing city. There’s a ton of things to do and see, and the landscape all around is awesome.

If you could go back and meet any one famous historical figure, who would you pick and why?

Henry Ford, he revolutionized the automobile industry and manufacturing in general and it would be neat to talk with him about that.

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