Q&A with Reid Thomas


What do you do here at OKWU?

Mainly I teach online in the Adult and Graduate Studies program as well as in the CROSS Training program, but I also mentor new online instructors and write curriculum.

What do you like most about teaching at OKWU?

Being able to help students think deeply as Christians about various issues. We desperately need more thinking Christians, and I’m proud of the way OKWU contributes to that cause. I’m especially appreciative of how our President, Dr. Piper, leads the way.

How did you end up here?

I met Dr. Devon Smith (OKWU’s Director of the Master of Arts in Theology and Apologetics) when we were fellow doctoral students in Asbury Seminary’s Beeson Pastor Program in 2002. We became good friends, and as I sensed God’s leading to get into teaching, I gave him a call, and here I am. I’m so grateful for the opportunity he’s given me.

Where did you originally call home?

I’m originally from Philadelphia, PA. My dad pastored in the inner city. I loved the life we got to experience there.

Where did you go to school and what did you study there?

For undergraduate, I went to Houghton College where I majored in Sociology, and double-minored in History and Communications. Then I got my Master of Divinity from Asbury Seminary, and later my Doctor of Ministry degree in Preaching and Leadership.

What is your family like?

My family includes my wonderful wife Amy (married 27+ years), our two kids, Nathan and Hannah (graduating this May from college and high-school respectively), and a crazy Jack Russell Terrier. We’re a pretty tight-knit bunch, and thanks to our Jack, pretty tightly-wound at times.

What hobbies, activities, or topics do you most like spending time on?

I love to read, spend time with my family (playing board games, visiting places of interest), listen to and play music (some piano and guitar).

What is one interesting fact that many people might not know about you?

This may not qualify as a fact in the traditional sense, but I had dreams of becoming a professional ice hockey goalie. I grew up watching the Philadelphia Flyers goalie, Bernie Parent. I so wanted to wear his mask!

What is the most interesting country you have visited or would like to visit? Why?

Outside the US, I’ve only been to Canada and the Bahamas…and I enjoyed both places. But I would really love to go visit England – London as well as the countryside.

If you could go back and meet any one famous historical figure, who would you pick and why?

Because his writing has had such an impact on my life, I wish I could go back and meet C.S. Lewis.

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  1. Beth von Buchwald Reply

    Just think it’s cool that Reid is from Philly. My hometown. Lots of good memories!

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