Setting Up GoToMeeting in Blackboard

To get started using GoToMeeting, contact Dr. Easley, Dean of Online Education, or Sean Stedwell, Blackboard Administrator/Instructional Designer, to have them activate your account. You will then receive an email notification with your GTM username and password to use in your Blackboard course and to log in to whenever you wish. You would also use these credentials if you wish to run GoToMeeting sessions outside of Blackboard.

For basic tutorials on using GoToMeeting, please visit the Citrix Support center.

Adding a link in your Blackboard course:

  1. Make sure the Edit Mode in the top right corner of the screen is set to On.
  2. Click the Add Menu Item button in the top left corner of the course menu.
  3. Select Tool Link.
  4. Name your GoToMeeting link, e.g. Live Meetings or Meetings.
  5. Select Meetings from the Type drop down menu.
  6. Check the box for Available to Users to make the link visible to students.
  7. Click submit.

Check out this pdf for step by step instructions.

Hosting a GoToMeeting session:

  1. Click on the Meetings link in the Course Menu.
  2. Enter your username and password in the GoToMeeting section. You will only have to do this the first time. The GoToTraining feature will not be used.
  3. Click on the Schedule More Events button on the top right.
  4. Schedule your meeting by time, frequency, and duration.
  5. Click Schedule.

Your session should now show with all the information you entered and a Host button. This button will show as Join for students.
If you wish to view the faculty orientation session that was provided by Citrix on using GoToMeeting in a Blackboard course, you may view the video here.