Sarah Cochran’s Bio


As a kid growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I thought the plan for my life was to graduate from college in four years and move immediately into a lifelong career. The Lord had other plans. I married at 20 and had three children—one girl, two boys—before I was 24. I was a stay-at-home mom until the baby was old enough to attend all-day kindergarten. Once my family reached that milestone, I started working in the public school system, helping students and teachers reach their academic and professional goals. The students had questions to be answered, and the teachers had grade books to be organized, but I felt a tug on my heartstrings to go back to college and finish the degree I had started at 18. Though 15 years separated my sophomore and junior years, I started down the long and challenging road toward my bachelor’s degree. I would never have been able to juggle family, work, and full-time school without the Lord’s help. With humility and a grateful heart, I am happy to have earned, as of December 2013, a Bachelor of Arts degree with highest honors. Now, as part of the Online Support team at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, I am well-equipped and dedicated to helping students learn and grow, both personally and professionally, in their own life’s journey. It takes solid determination and a strong faith to take the next step in God’s plan for our lives, but with His guidance, we can accomplish the goals He has set for us.