Updated 4C Quality Faculty Model

Almost three years ago, I developed the 4C Model for Quality Faculty. Since that time, we have taken over 2 dozen new faculty through training using that system and the accompanying Personal Teaching Profile. We’ve also addressed various aspects of the model in blog posts, newsletter articles, and faculty development activities. It has served us well and continues to serve as an efficient and effective way to describe the responsibilities and functions of a college-level faculty member.

This spring, the model has undergone a facelift. While the substance of the model — the 4Cs and the accompanying 12 characteristics — has not changed, we’ve given the visuals and print materials a fresh, new look. The biggest thing that has changed is the visual representation of the model. It has moved from a circle to 4 stacked polygons. I’ve also been a bit more intentional about the order of them as well, believing that CARING is in many ways the foundation of everything we are doing as college faculty. Next, COMPETENCE in both teaching and subject matter is absolutely crucial so that we really know what we are doing. Out of one’s caring and competency, a faculty member then takes the initiative to stay engaged and connected so that students sense that caring and are challenged and encourage in their learning. Finally, the model caps off the sequence by asking the faculty member to approach all of this with a great deal of COMMITMENT so that the institution and program can thrive in efficiency and effectiveness. So we see a definite order and logic to the four. The reconfiguration of the model serves to implement these change.

I encourage you to spend a few minutes and look over the changes. You can find those hours: http://faculty.okwu.edu/4c-quality-faculty-model/.

Dr. Easley, Dean of Online Learning


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